I have missed my self-imposed deadline with this blog. One of the several things I have beaten myself up about these past few weeks. Fall and I are not getting along well and I am afraid it may be a long haul until summer. As much as I complain about the heat and drought, there…Read more »


So I’m not sure if NANOWRIMO is going to happen for me this year. I feel like a pooper scooper. It has been a really hard time this week. I told my husband I am tired of playing the game “Did I eat something I shouldn’t have? Is it the full moon? Is it the…Read more »

The Good News Post

This is a much happier post! I have officially finished my rough draft for my first book clocking in at 63, 316 words! I still have a looonnnggg way to go with editing and beta readers and then editing and beta readers, then sending it to a paid editor, then re-editing. It’s gonna be a…Read more »

The Note

  In honor of October I bring you a little ditty called The Note I stared at the words written elegantly in my own flowing hand. My mother had insured the legibility of my penmanship by having me copy pages out of the encyclopedia. This was, most definitely, my handwriting. I found the paper moments…Read more »

Lessons Learned

Things I have learned this past week:  The freaking internet will confuse the heck out of you.  Christmas celebration was frowned upon by the Kirk in Scotland for about 600 years. The Kirk considered it a “popish festival”. Mass was banned in Scotland during the time after the Church Reformation in the 16th century and…Read more »

Cheating is a Sin Punishable by Death

To clarify, if you came to this blog post wanting biblical validation for why your wandering significant other should go to h-e-double hockey sticks, you have come to the wrong place. The cheating of which I am referring to is painful and miserable in a physiological sense, if not so much in a psychological one. …Read more »

No Pressure

I am computer illiterate. There, I said it. Maybe illiterate is too strong of a term … computer-as-a-second-language … or a third. For some reason, when I was creating my “author” Facebook page last week, it never occurred to me that my image would be plastered on every “suggested friend” list that Facebook ever published.…Read more »